Menu of Services


Technology Implementation. Meet with us to discuss your business as it is today and identify what you wish you could do better. We will research and identify the best and most cost effective technology solutions, implement them for your business, teach you and your employees how to use the tools, and ensure everything is running smoothly. 

Soup to Nuts. Work with us to launch your business by developing everything you need to get up and running. Package includes a logo, website, business cards, social media platform, and any technologies you need to get your new idea off the ground. 

design services

Website Design. Let us create a beautiful website that draws customers, tells your story, and sells your products and services.

Marketing Materials. We will create gorgeous brochures, business cards, flyers, signs, and other print materials you need to showcase your business. 

Logo Design. A logo should instantly make your company recognizable. We'll learn about your company, listen to your ideas, and create a high-quality logo suitable for web and print. 

Social Media Platforms. If you have a business, it needs to be on social media. We can set up your business pages so they look professional and cohesive, and we'll teach you best practices for maintaining your social media sites over time. 

WRITING & Editing

Content Creation. We'll learn about your business and write content for your website that clearly articulates your message, carries out your branding, and sells your products. 

Grant Writing Support. We review grant applications and offer not only editorial services so your application is at its best, but we'll also provide feedback based on our experience writing grants. 

Publications. We work with writers from any stage to assist with editing of publications, including books, articles, and creative works. 

Off the Menu. If you have a special project in mind, feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas and how we might be able to help.

Sampling of Projects We've Completed:

  • Created custom order forms for complex product sales, with a streamlined process to track and fulfill orders. 
  • Implemented an online customer support tracking log to ensure clients were receiving timely support by all staff members. 
  • Implemented an online registration system for multi-day events with variable pricing, workshop selection, and breakout group sessions.
  • Helped independent practitioners select and implement the most appropriate electronic health record for their private practice.
  • Created numerous websites and marketing materials for a variety of clients. 
  • Edited a variety of publications, including manuals, articles, and books.